MYR 5000.00

MYR 10000.00

You save 50 %

Available property:

Available Period: 15 months

Voucher Descriptions:

EziOwn gives you instant savings the moment you purchase the RM10,000 vouchers today at 50% discount. EziOwn does not limit your property choices to a single source. The EziOwn platform is affiliated with various property developers and the variety is also extended to sub-sale properties. The RM10,000 EziOwn vouchers have redemption periods of up to 15 months. There is an option to extend and renew at no extra cost by the end of the 15-month period. For each successful referral, you are entitled to cash incentives from the referral of the voucher and the purchase of the property.

How to use:

  • Step 1 : Buy voucher from
  • Step 2 : Select avaliable property to redeem
  • Step 3 : Get redeem voucher and contact with property developer to claim your voucher!