Ancubic Group of Companies has built an enviable reputation for creating properties, which have an aesthetic edge that meets the aspirations of an ever more discerning market. In the residential market, Ancubic has targeted for buyers looking for easily owned-homes and investors looking for a value-for-money investment and this has attributes to numerous projects been completed. The company is continuing to build for this category of buyers while at the same time entering into the sustainable income generation market such as commercial and retail. The company work closely with real-estate consultant , financiers and authorities that could help potential buyers with their mortgage requirements.

No. A-1-28, IOI Boulevard, Jalan. Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


Cubic Botanical

Inspired by the grace and beauty of the urban forest setting, Botanical Suites not only stood elegantly to encapsulate the timelessness elegant and serenity of its’ architecture, it goes beyond to deliver virtuosic embodiment of various organic natures which respond to the modern, youthful and dynamic metropolitans. With these elements coming into play, the wisdom of aggregate spaces, landscape and architecture with functionality, style and value is a rare creation by our Teams of Professional, we couldn’t help but to regard Botanical Suites as a hidden gem, to be discover by the city’s dynamic modern investors.

Mirroring a noble elegant entrance with raw touch of greenery covers the podium façade, residents is welcome into a comforting environment. The entrance itself embodied a sleek nobleness and modern elegant style that harmoniously meld a strong understatement of the residents’ return. As the sun casts its rays to this urban forest, the interplay of light and shadows are elevated within its spaces. Whilst the amber rays lead one’s eyes from the lush bed of greenery and drawn to the tower rises upward by the tint sparkling of the swimming pool which disperses akin to the whiff of wind blown away, residents will be thrill to encounter the many facilities awaiting- a quiet time out at the Reading lounge, a healthy yoga peace within the linen of tea bed, a fantasied scrolling along the Bird of Paradise or an onslaught excitement of Barbecue and Karaoke. An area specially dedicated to Post-natal could be another fun indulgence for new parent and their off-spring.

MYR 400,000.00